Tuesday, April 6, 2010

PAD Day 6 - Ekphrastic Poem

The Witches’ Entertainment     

There is no moon tonight
and cloudcast hides the stars.
Put on your hats, my beauties,
soon we ride
across the  darkling Spanish plain,
seeking louts who wander
from the taverns in the town
wanting only
the warmth of their own beds,
fire on the hearth,
a sodden night of sleep
too drunk for dreams.

We shall remake them,
fly them
dumb creatures of the earth,
to ecstasy and terror in our arms.
By hidden light of dark day stars
cross tossing stormy seas
to visit cannibals
eaters of human hearts
then drop them
bloody, riven, gnawed
Through forest leaves.
They will hear music
played by monsters
around a ring of fire
deep within the midnight trees
dance with us,
strange sisters,
then sleep
abandoning despair.
From unreasoning sleep awakening
they will not remember.
Will not care.

(After Goya’s Flight of the Witches)

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