Saturday, May 1, 2010

PAD Day 30 - Letting Go

 Letting Them Go

I have held this hornet swarm of anger
Within my heart too long,
The venom, buzz and sting
All painful things
But real enough 
To fill the place deserted
By the soft round bees of love.

Purpose of bees in flowers,
Presence of honey,
Sound of bees in the sun,
Gone from a hive left empty.
Honeycomb abandoned,
Rotted into something
Unbearable to touch, to hold.
A place where angry hornets
Were welcome to move in,
Take space, make noise,
Pour poison through my empty veins.
This could be a way to live.

Yet, in early morning dampness
Comes a vision of release.
I could let them go.
Cup them in the hollow of my hands
Stinging for the last time.
Open hive and heart,
Let them rise into the trees,
Watching as they go.
Clean out the hive,
Stay empty, live bereft,
Wait to see what next moves in.

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